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Laboratory Services

Providing important medical information vital in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease

AABB Accredited

Diagnostic Centers

United Memorial operates diagnostic centers and laboratory specimen collection sites in Pembroke, LeRoy and Batavia.

Our laboratory’s purpose is to provide important medical information that is vital in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease for the people in our community.

Every day, physicians and other medical providers depend on the laboratory to perform lab tests, interpret the results, and help give a complete picture of a patient’s overall health so that the doctor can make an accurate and timely diagnosis, and promptly start the appropriate treatment.

Highly skilled Laboratory Technologists, using modern biomedical equipment, analyze blood, body fluids and tissue samples to detect the presence of disease, monitor treatment, identify microorganisms that cause infectious diseases, and measure chemical compounds in the blood such as glucose, cholesterol, or prescription drug levels.

With this precise and valuable information provided by the laboratory, healthcare providers have much of the information that they need to treat their patients, and to keep them healthy.

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