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Hospital Inpatient Care

We take great pride in providing patients with the best possible medical care and we intend to make your stay as comfortable as possible

Patients admitted to United Memorial for care that requires an overnight stay are considered inpatients. If you have any questions or concerns as a patient, please do not hesitate to ask an employee for assistance. We are all here to help you.

Based on the nursing care required, patients may be admitted to one of following units: Maternity, Intensive Care, Pediatric, Medical Care, Post- Surgical Care, or Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation. In the acute care setting, nursing care is provided by Registered Nurses with assistance from Nurses' Aides.

Each patient and nurse will be involved in the planning and implementation of the patient’s care plan.

Accommodations and Meals

We do our best to provide patients with the room accommodations of their choice. On occasion, however, your physician may want you placed in a particular room for medical reasons. The needs of another hospitalized patient may mean that your preferred room accommodation is not immediately available. We appreciate your understanding when these instances arise.

Our dietary staff receives many compliments regarding the quality of meals served at United Memorial. The food you eat can help you get well. Your doctor will make recommendations to the dietician, who will talk to you about your particular diet prescription. For each of your meals, you will have a selection of foods from which to choose, even if you are on a special diet. You will have a menu from which to order a day in advance, and meals will be prepared with your personal preferences in mind. If your doctor orders a restricted diet, you will receive special attention. Since your selection of foods will be a little more limited we will make an extra effort to match your doctor’s recommendations with your personal preference to make your meals as appealing as possible.

If you must leave your room at mealtime for tests or therapy, a meal tray will be delivered as soon as possible after your return. Guest trays are available for your visitors and will be billed directly to your account. To request a guest tray, please notify the nursing staff.

Managing your Pain

The staff of United Memorial know that pain is one of the most important reasons people seek health care. When you or a family member is experiencing pain, it is reassuring to know tha effective pain management is a priority at United Memorial.

As a patient at United Memorial, you can expect:

  • Information about pain and pain relief measures.
  • A concerned staff committed to pain intervention and management
  • Health professionals who respond quickly to reports of pain.
  • Your reports of pain will be believed.
  • You will receive up to date pain management

As a hospital patient, we expect that you will:

  • Discuss pain relief options with your healthcare providers
  • Work with healthcare providers to develop a pain management plan
  • Ask for pain relief when pain first begins
  • Help your healthcare providers assess your pain
  • Tell you healthcare providers if your pain is not relieved
  • Tell you healthcare providers about any worries you have about taking pain medication

Patient and Visitor Information