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Diabetes Management

Living Healthy with Diabetes

Recognized by the American Diabetes Association, our 10-hour, four-session, comprehensive, education program that is designed to help you access the information you need to live a healthy and active life with diabetes.

Our goal is to help you develop a lifestyle that puts you in the driver's seat as you manage your diabetes and live well every day. As a key member of your healthcare team, it is essential for you to know and use successful self-management fundamentals. Your daily routine directly affects your blood sugar levels. What you eat, whether you choose to exercise, how you handle stress, whether you take your medication and monitor your blood sugar levels, all play a part in your success in staying healthy with diabetes.

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Who should enroll in this class

  • People who have been newly diagnosed with diabetes.
  • Others who have dealt with diabetes long term and want to learn more about current treatments, medications, etc.

Who teaches this class

  • Certified Diabetes Educators
  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Dietician

What you'll learn

  • What is Diabetes
  • Effects of stress and psychological adjustment
  • Effects of illness
  • Healthy nutrition and meal planning
  • Effects of exercise and physical activity
  • Diabetes medications
  • Self-blood glucose monitoring and problem solving
  • Foot, eye, skin and dental care
  • Community resources

Diabetes Management

Individual, 60 minute, counseling sessions with a certified Diabetes Educator on diabetes management fundamentals including blood sugar monitoring, medications, insulin administration, nutrition basics, implementation of exercise into daily routine.

Location: Healthy Living, Cary Hall
Fee: $40.00 per hour

* Covered by many Health Insurances. Some may require a co-pay.

Requires a Healthcare Provider Referral. By appointment only, call (585) 344-5331